St. Tropez ‘In Shower Gradual Tan’ Review

If you’ve followed me here or on Instagram (@hometown_heroine) for any length of time you will know I am a self tanning addict. Hands down, my favorite brand is St. Tropez and I have gone through more of the In Shower Gradual Tan’ than I can count. Not only does it work wonders, but it does it in merely three minutes (THREE MINUTES!).

When the formula came out originally there was only one light shade (left) which left my fair olive skin healthy looking with a slight glow. A few months later, they came out with a medium shade (right) that quickly became my go-to. This product won’t make you look like you just spent a week lost in the Sahara, but it will give you an extremely natural looking tan.

One of the perks of this gradual tanner is the application process: simple and straight forward. Without a second thought always recommend this product to friends who are fearful of a classic self tanning product (or of course, turning orange). Here are my steps:

  1. Exfoliate: This is something that you should do before ever using self tanner. Focus on the driest areas and places with the thinnest skin (elbows, knees, feet, and hands).
  2. Wash up: While in the shower I use body wash on a loofa to remove any leftover product (or in my case, other tanner).
  3. Step out of the shower: Yes, it’s called ‘In Shower Gradual Tan’, however the one time I actually applied it in the shower, I was a streaky mess. So instead, step out (on a towel/rug) and pat yourself until your skin is just a little damp.
  4. Apply the product: However you slather on moisturizer, do that (I told you it was easy).
  5. Stand still: Pretty self explanatory. Just hang out for the next three minutes.
  6. Rinse: Once the allotted time has passed, step back into the shower and rinse off the lotion. At this point it will want to cling to your skin. I recommend removing it by wiping your skin in circular motions. Once you disrupt it, the product will start to bubble like body wash and come right off! Just make sure to rub everywhere you applied it.

St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan ‘Light’ and ‘Medium’ $25