Peter Thomas Roth ‘MASK-A-HOLIC’ Kit Review

There are two things in the beauty world that always catch my attention: face masks and excellent gift sets. When I was walking through my local Ulta two weeks ago I hit the jackpot. For $75, I received five 1.5 FL OZ Peter Thomas Roth masks. Now, I know that may seem extreme for the amount of product, but a full size (5 FL OZ) of one mask will run you anywhere between $58 to $80.

If you’re like me and have been eyeing the product line for a while holding tight to your wallet, this set will be the perfect gift to yourself to figure out which masks work with your skin and create worth while results. If you have a beauty addict in your life, this would be a fantastic Christmas gift from the skincare Gods.

Now, I’ve been using at least one of these five products everyday for the past two weeks to get a good idea of how well they work. Let me tell you, my skin hasn’t looked this clean and clear in quite sometime. Below is each product from the ‘MASK-A-HOLIC’ gift set ranked from most likely to least likely to repurchase.

Peter Thomas Roth MASK-A-HOLIC Kit $75

1. Pumpkin Enzyme s1632868-main-zoom

I’m not going to lie; I never would have chosen his mask looking at the display case. My reasoning for that would have been the strong pumpkin pie scent (I don’t care for pumpkin anything *gasp*). However, this is ultimately my favorite and I will 150% repurchase it when I run out.

When you apply this mask you will feel its very fine exfoliating properties, and about one minute in it begins to burn. The first time I used it, I was concerned and almost removed it. About two minutes later, the burning disappears. When I remove the product with a damp cloth, my skin is left smoother, with a more even tone, and my pores shrink into oblivion.

Full Size Pumpkin Enzyme Mask $58

2. 24k Gold peter-thomas-roth-24k-gold-mask-pure-luxury-lift-firm-mask

This mask is almost too fancy (key word: almost). I’ve heard the stories of the miracles gold will do for dry skin, and I must admit I did not believe the hype. However, I am now a full-fledged devotee. This mask plumps my skin right away after application. Of course, after I remove it with a washcloth, my skin looks glowy, but I am always surprised in the morning when it still looks unbelievably healthy and hydrated. Trust me, you don’t have to have mature skin to benefit from this ‘anti-aging’ product.

Full Size 24k Gold Mask $80

3. Irish Moor Mud s1684877-main-zoom

This is a great mud mask. It helps to bring my impurities closer to the surface for me to extract. It’s a little different from any other mud product I’ve used in the past due to the fact it doesn’t dry. In the 10 minutes its on, it does make my skin feel clean. However, it leaves a residue that I feel the need to scrub off my skin with either the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, or a rough wet cloth.

Full Size Irish Moor Mud Mask $52

4. Cucumber Gel s1560879-main-zoom

As I stated above, I do remove clogged pored on my own skin using an actual extractor. When I’ve gone around my nose, on my cheeks, and forehead I leave my skin pretty irritated. This mask actually states that it is great for calming your skin after facials, so I decided to give it a try. Within the 10 minutes it calmed the redness and started helping the puffiness. My skin, which would normally be flared up still the following morning, is much less irritated. For that alone I know this mask works, I just don’t know if I would be able to justify purchasing an entire 5 OZ jar for $52.

Full Size Cucumber Gel Mask $52

5. Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel s1614304-main-zoom

This mask is lovely. It has a faint rose scent that is much more tolerable than other rose products ive used in the past. It feels cool on your skin and leaves your face smooth and more even toned. I have nothing against this product, It’s only listed last because I doubt I would go out of my way to spend $52 on a replacement jar when I get better results for my skin type with the other masks in this kit.

Full Size Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask $52

*Disclaimer – I applied each mask after cleansing my skin with Clean & Clear’s ‘Deep Action Scrub’ (barely any exfoliation but great cleaning power). All masks are left on for 10 minutes. After the mask I followed up with Soap and Glory ‘Sleep Accelerator’ Moisturizer.