Cosmetic Crush: Sarah Hyland

If you watch the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family as religiously as myself, you know all about the pint sized, doe eyed, powerhouse that is Sarah Hyland. The baby faced 25 year old actress always brings classic beauty with a modern twist. She is known for simple, glowing, and natural looking makeup. She also isn’t afraid to step out of the box with a bright pop of color, white cat eye liner, or even a Twiggy inspired look.

The actresses adorable image is paired with a fierce resilience. Not only has she been open about being in an abusive relationship, but she also didn’t shy away from discussing the health issues she faces everyday. In an interview with Seventeen in 2012 she opened up about her Kidney Dysplasia and at age 21 had a kidney transplant. She was quoted in the article saying “If you’re sick you still go to work and in-between takes sit down or you lay your head down or something. I try to make it so that Haley’s (Modern Family) always sitting down. If you notice she’s sitting down a lot, texting, or like leaning on something texting.” As someone who suffers from a chronic disease, I find her perseverance unbelievably admirable.


Although I have been a fan of Sarah’s career since I watched the Modern Family pilot while doing homework in High School, I was inspired to do this post after seeing her sing in a ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers and Halsey cover with the band Boyce Avenue (linked at the bottom of the post). The video has gone viral and is currently trending on YouTube.

Sarah’s cover with Boyce Avenue has racked up over 4 million views in just over three days. The song is also available on Spotify and iTunes.Click HERE to see the amazing ‘Closer’ cover!