Sephora Rant


Have you ever been told your opinion didn’t matter by a sales associate? As of tonight, I have.

I just turned in my last on campus final, and decided to do a little Christmas shopping. I began walking the four blocks from school to the Westfield San Francisco Center mall, and of course half way there it began pouring rain. So, when I waltzed into the Sephora on the second floor I was soaking wet, dripping, and ready to get myself home.

I asked for a employees help finding a product, and she looked me up and down, turned around, and asked another customer if they needed help. I blamed it on my saturated appearance, but as my basket began filling up with designer makeup duds, I was surprised no one offered any help or suggestions in the shockingly empty store.

Once I had gathered everything I came for, I decided to take advantage of the store being slow, and for once take my time wandering the skincare area. An employee finally came up to me and introduced herself. I told her how I have dry, acne prone skin, and how currently it hates me. She began pumping out samples of high end skincare for me to take home and try. I was amazed at how sweet she was. We small talked, and about 10 minutes flew by! Finally, at the end of the conversation she asked for my name and said she hoped I would love the products. I was shocked and I told her I would give her name to the cashier and hopefully help her out.

When I made it to the register, without even looking at me the girl asked for my membership card. I explained that I didn’t have it on me and that I would give her my email address instead. She literally sighed. Once that was done, I handed her my iPad with a VIB Rouge $25 dollar off gift card and she rolled her eyes at me! I was shocked. I then explained how helpful the girl earlier was, and that if I could somehow help her out by filling out a comment card I would be very happy.

No joke, this girl said “We don’t do that, so your opinion doesn’t matter.”

Like what? Excuse me? If I wasn’t buying gifts I would have been out that door in 10 seconds flat.

So, this is for the amazing customer service Ayisa gave me at the Sephora in the San Francisco Center. No one ever talks to me or tries to help me in that location and she really went out of her way to inform me about products without pressuring me to buy something. That is customer service and that should be rewarded!