Nail Art: Touch of Glitter


My freshman year of college, I used to do nails in my dorm room for $10. It was a easy way to make a little extra spending money as well as get to know some fellow students. That year, I became pretty obsessed with nail art. Whether it was camouflage, leopard, paisley or a little bit of glitter. I figured I would teach you all some of my easy tricks to nail art over the next month or so.

I decided to start with the easiest design I can do, a simple gold glitter waterfall. Here is how to complete this look:

  1. Find a nude polish that matches your complexion. I chose Essie ‘Sandy Beach’, but any beige will do.
  2. Do two to four coats depending on the opacity of the polish. Let each layer completely dry before painting on another.
  3. Once the color is as you want, find any chunky glitter nail polish. I grabbed one I already had on my shelf by OPI from a couple years back. Again, any chunky glitter will do. This look is especially festive with confetti colored glitter.
  4. Dab the brush right at the top of your nail to transfer the glitter into one spot.
  5. Wipe both sides of the brush off on the edge of the bottle to remove exess glitter.
  6. Then pull the glitter downward over your nail with the clean brush like you would an ombre. Take the polish about half way down the nail. Keep the product slightly uneven to make a less manufactured look. Let the glitter dry.
  7.  Lastly, apply a top coat to keep the glitter from chipping off. I recommend  Essie ‘No Chips Ahead’. Let it dry and rock your naturally glam nails!

Essie Sandy Beach $8.50

Nicole by OPI Pick of the Glitter $7

Essie No Chips Ahead $8.50