Cosmetic Crush: Halsey

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This past weekend I attended the Imagine Dragons concert in Anaheim and thankfully, I arrived just in time for their opening act (this blue haired beauty). Halsey, an american alternative rock artist took the stage with a quirky attitude and a booming base that made everyone jump to their feet. Her electric personality only fuels her vivid flames.

From my seat, the only distinct feature I could make out was of course her electric hair, but once I googled her I was blown away. Halsey is in fact a rare gem. In some photos she looks like the girl-next-door while in others she reusables Lana Del Ray on acid (in the best way possible, of course). Whether she is rocking little to no makeup, eyeliner or a bold lip, she looks flawless.

Her personality only adds to the likeability of this artist. Unlike the other opening act who came off preachy, Halsey joked around with the audience about having her wisdom teeth taken out a couple days prior as well as her tinniness next to the Imagine Dragon guys. Plus, her back bending (literally) dance moves made her truly captivating to watch.

If you haven’t already heard her music (I learned I was late to the Halsey party), one listen and you will be hooked. The past three days my iPhone has been pouring out her tunes (my main obsession is ‘New Americana’), and my obsession with her hair and makeup is strong. Halsey is one to watch!