Benefit’s Hometown Brow Bar


If you live (or have visited) the city of San Francisco, you know one thing: we are proud of Benefit. The moment you land at SFO, there’s  a Benefit vending machine, we have our own Benefit brick and mortar store up on Sutter Street as well as counters in Sephora, Macy’s and Ulta. It’s like they are a part of what makes San Francisco special.

When I waltzed into the Benefit Brow Bar in Macy’s off Union Square, I was surprised to see a familiar face. The feminine and natural beauty of my fellow classmate gleamed at me. I quickly felt at home. I wandered about, swatching products on my arms until they looked like modern art. Finally, after she finished a brunettes bold brows, she came over to give me a hand.


My classmate recommended the classics: Hoola Bronzer, Porefessional Primer and They’re Real mascara. When I admitted I already owned and worshiped those products, we wandered around while she showed me the newbies. Fresh off the shelf was the new Roller-Lash Mascara that the planet is buzzing about. We discussed some of the classic fan favorites like Gimme Brow (I discovered it after a catastrophic brow wax) and Sun Beam, which I mix into my foundation on days I need a little glow.

The brightly colored, vintage beauty shop inspired mini-store is everything you would expect from the ladies behind Benefit. It took every once of willpower I could muster to drag myself out of the store empty handed. I left with the urge to shop, but the knowledge that Benefit is here to stay.