Girls On Film

Like clothes, fashion films come in all shapes, and sizes. Some are playful, others tell a story and some are eye-catchingly informative. These films are designed to inform the world of who the brand is while getting the consumer excited. Unlike classic print ad campaigns, these films bring the garments to life through vivid imagery and storytelling.

Firstly, the simply titled Spring Summer 2014 Prada fashion film is short and sweet while using the clothing as a character. The video is set up to an audience of models decked out head to toe in Prada Spring Summer 2014 garb. They reenact watching a tennis game, a movie and of course, a concert. The models play around tossing popcorn and shady glances at each other. The bright colors and graphic prints are the main focus of the video while you wait to see what happens next.

There are fashion films like The Colours by Chanel that grab your attention through strong imagery and sound. The quick flashes of video and photography capture your eye while the informative and soothing voice echoes inspiration for the five main Chanel colors: black, white, beige, gold and red. These are the videos that take you to another world and you leave with more knowledge about what colors represent and the iconic history of the brand itself.

Lastly, there are films like T by Alexander Wang 2014 featuring Mango, which take hold of you through storytelling. You will watch the video for (Saturday Night Live character) Mango’s antics, but you will leave thinking “Ooh, those Alexander Wang cropped tops are so cute.” The films cast is a perfect mismatch of Derek Blasberg ( supermodel Behati Prinsloo, Sonya Morgan (Real Housewives of New York City) and musician Sharaya J. The story is the videos forefront, but you are left remembering the garments.

Regardless of how the fashion film is done, at the end of the day it is a marketing tactic. In a world of short attention spans, people must be constantly entertained. Instead of flipping through a fashion magazine like in the old days, you can just log onto YouTube and fall in love with a brand. The brands represent themselves by immersing you into it. Chanel for instance is all about history and elegance, so it isn’t surprising that they would create a simple yet stunning video expressing the inspirations of their founder Coco. On the other hand, in this day and age, contemporary designers like Alexander Wang produce hilarious videos that keep their young clientele wanting more. Overall, these films make the public fall in love with fashion again.