Why I Unsubscribed to Ipsy

logo-ipsy002When I first became interested in makeup, I decided to sign up for the subscription service Ipsy. If you don’t know what it is, basically you pay $10 a month and get a “Glam Bag” of goodies in the mail. I received the bags for about a year before I couldn’t take it anymore.

When I first subscribed, I sat on a waiting list for about three months. Finally, when it came in the mail it was packed with deluxe samples from well known brands (click here to see the bags). Recently, I noticed a lot more people were receiving the bags and because of that, the quality drastically dropped.

I hadn’t done an Ipsy post since November because each time I opened my Ipsy package, at least one product was missing, without the lid (I’m talking powders that caused a mess) or simply broken. The samples were from unknown brands and smelled like burning rubber. Honestly, it was nothing I would feel comfortable applying to my skin.

So, that is why I will no longer write about Ipsy Glam Bags and I do not recommend them to anyone. I think there are more options out there now a days for subscriptions that will give you quality products.