I Won’t Repurchase…

I’m all about trying the newest products on the market; some soar into Holy Grail graces, while others flop. Makeup is an incredibly personal industry, what works for some won’t work for others. So, going off that philosophy I’m going to talk about five products in my collection I (personally) wouldn’t repurchase.

nobuy_11. Benefit Fake Up in “Medium”

I’m a huge fan of Benefit products. Being a San Francisco resident, I have some major pride for this local brand. I purchased the Fake Up concealer about a year ago when I was having a break out. My hope was it would cover my acne with a natural look like the other Benefit products. On my dry skin, this concealer dries into a dull and flaky spot. It is so thick that it doesn’t seem to blend well on my face. Lastly, for how heavy of a product it is, there isn’t say a Tarte level of pigmentation. For dry skin like mine, this product is fairly uncomfortable and just doesn’t look right.

nobuy_22. bareMinerals Broad Spectrum Multi-Tasking Face in “Well Rested”

I got this little cutie in a bareMinerals sample box and automatically loved it. But once I saw photos where I had it on, I changed my tune. First off, this is an under eye concealer that is yellow based to hide dark circles. Its meant to brighten. The powder is incredibly rich and creamy but it does settle slightly into lines. My biggest issue is no matter how much I tried to blend it and how well it looked in person, I had thick yellow under eyes in every picture. That is why I won’t go back to this product.


3. Cover FX Mattifying Primer With Anti-Acne Treatment

Since this product came in an Ipsy bag almost a year ago, I have been steering my makeup loving friends away from it. I know this has turned into a hot ticket item, but personally I had a rough time with it. The product burns my skin. I have a feeling it is the acne treatment, but it turns me bright red, stings and then makes my face itch like crazy. If you even have slightly sensitive skin this may not be for you. Also, it has a metallic scent, so if you like your makeup scent free you probably will not be a fan.


4. Calvin Klein One Mascara in “True Black”

This mascara was a free gift with purchase on Valentines day at Ulta. I was so excited when I realized I got a free full sized mascara! But sadly, the gimmick here is stinger than the product itself. When you first pull the wand out, you have a long and skinny applicator for lash length. But if you twist the top, the want constricts for volume. The mascara itself is dry and isn’t a true black, more of a grey. There are plenty of inexpensive alternatives I would gladly repurchase over this twisty cap mascara.


5. Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream in “Light Medium”

When I first purchased this Revlon BB cream, I was iffy about it. It has a similar consistency to MAC Face and Body (which is my go-to foundation), but it feels greasy on my skin. You know its oily when someone who’s skin resembles the Sahara complains. My biggest issue though it how much it oxidizes. I can put it on and it matches my skin perfectly, then 10 minutes later I am as orange as a Oompa Loopma.

If you have tired any of these products and had different experiences, please let me know. If you have a unique way of applying them to bring out their potential, I would definitely be interested.