Cosmetic Crush: Jaclyn Hill

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Story time! Until about two years ago, I looked at makeup as almost a chore. Every morning I applied a little foundation, mascara, lipgloss and went on my merry way. One day I wanted to know how to apply my foundation with a brush (shocker, right?) so I decided to YouTube it. Enter Jaclyn Hill.

I sat there for hours upon hours watching Jaclyn apply her makeup. Her professional makeup artist techniques with the use of both drugstore and luxury products consumed me. Guess what? A couple days later I went to Ulta and began stocking up on the products she put her seal of approval on.

Flash forward two years and I still watch her videos every week. She completes looks that range from full glam to as easy going as Jaclyn gets. She never uses makeup to change how she looks, only to embrace what she’s already got.

She now uses her sunny and silly disposition to create products for companies like Gerard Cosmetics. She also promotes brands like Morphe Brushes. Jaclyn Hill will keep you wanting more, make you laugh and teach you how to be beautiful both with and without makeup.

P.S. My internship ended yesterday, so prepare yourself for posts more than once a week. I’m in the process of stocking up on in-depth ideas. See you all soon. Xx.