Cosmetic Crush: Hart Of Dixie

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Recently I decided I need to get back into the swing of blogging or it’s never going to happen. I came up with a way I can make sure to get at least one post out every week. So, every few days I am going to post a slideshow of images the makeup junkie in me is inspired by. They might come from television shows like todays, fashion shows, celebrities and musicians.

For my first installment of Beauty Inspiration I am chronicling the ladies of one of my favorite shows, Hart of Dixie. The show follows a New York raised surgeon (Zoe Hart) to the tiny town of Blue-Belle where she runs into, you guessed it: southern belles. This humorous small town drama airs every friday night on the CW.

The makeup on this show gets me every week. Zoe wears neutrals like black, brown and bronze which is edgy and chic. The belles all either look airbrushed and perfect or playful with vivid colors. I personally think these are looks that aren’t difficult to achieve, but will absolutely make you the ‘belle’ of the ball.