Ipsy: October Glam Bag


If you follow me, you may have realized I never posted my september Ipsy bag. I honestly hated it and every product I received. I don’t really like giving negative reviews, so instead I just pretended it never happened. Over the past couple months, I have been all but impressed by Ipsy. I would get maybe one product I actually used then just give the rest away to my friends. I honestly almost cancelled my subscription a couple weeks ago.

Now, I think the people at Ipsy might have sensed my displeasure (possibly because of the horrible reviews I have given the products in my Glam Room…) because this months bag is seriously awesome! Three of the products have been on my list of things to try for months and the other two, well lets just say I didn’t know what I was missing!

1. Skyn Iceland – Mini Glacial Cleansing Cloths

A few months ago I received a Skyn Iceland mask and immediately became obsessed with it. My skin looked ten-times cleaner and healthier the second I removed it. But, the products are pretty expensive so I haven’t wanted to try any new ones because of the hefty price tag. You guys know I’m a sucker for the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes and these seem like the fancy versions of them. They claim to be for “stressed skin” (I mean hello? They must be reading my mind). Plus, the directions say all you have to do is rub it together to create a foam then wipe your face; No water needed! I’m definitely excited to give these a try.

2. Figs and Rouge – Mango Mandarin Hand Cream

I have heard a lot of good things about Figs and Rouge but I have always been very loyal to my Soap and Glory Hand Food. I didn’t want to go out and buy a replacement, so I’m happy I received this in my bag. This is a non-greasy shea and coco butter cream that is also “pure and natural.” I’m not sure if this is the scent I would have bought on my own though. When it first comes out of the tube it reminds me of how Jamba Juice smells when you walk in (AMAZING) but then after a few seconds it gets a powdery scent to it that reminds me of a cheep fruit flavored lip gloss. It does have a slightly sticky texture as well. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like anything out of the ordinary on their hands, so we’ll see how long I can deal.

3. H20 – Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

I’m pretty sure we all know at this point that I have dry skin. It resembles the Sahara and it is all around frustrating. I have been pretty loyal to my Philosophy Hope in a Jar for Dry Skin since I picked my first one up over a year ago. But, I have always wanted to try this little blue guy out. I’ve gotten pretty used to the heavy creams and moisturizers I use on my skin everyday and the idea of applying something that looks like blue Jello to my face seems foreign. I don’t know if it will hydrate as much as I need it too, but I’m excited to put it in my starting lineup. The only issue I can foresee is that it has a pretty strongly perfumed scent and my skin happens to be sensitive to products like that.

 4. Starlooks – Lip Gloss in Guilty Pleasure

Have you guys ever heard of this brand? I haven’t. When I opened my bag, this was the last to emerge and I figured “I knew I had to get something boring in here.” Finally, I decided to swatch it. Guess what? I like it! It’s a great pinky nude for most skin tones. I would consider it more like a creamy liquid lipstick than a gloss though. It’s very pigmented and takes a few swipes to even out. But the best part? It tastes and smells like vanilla! The best way I can describe it is a thicker NYX Butter Gloss. I’ll definitely use this little buddy up.

5. NYC New York Color – Big Bold Curl Mascara

No joke, this stuff is huge. The packaging is huge, the brush is equally massive and some pretty big claims. Supposedly, it will give our lashes 99% more curl and 12x the volume (vs. what? I don’t know). I’m a mascara junky (I have two new ones being delivered tomorrow!) and I like to layer my mascara, so I’m sure I will have a home for this one somewhere. The brush looks like it could give some serious clumps so I foresee myself rocking it under a Benefit They’re Real or Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara to brush out the clumps.