Twisted Trends: Coach Reaches Out To A New Generation


Did the Muppets just take New York? No, that was just the Coach Spring/Summer show. Stuart Vevers is in the process of repositioning Coach in the modern market. Clearly he decided to leave the classic pieces they are known for behind and say hello to the 90’s garb that has been saturating the market.

The synthetic pastel fluffiness, neon leather skirts, cartoon character graphics and platform sandals scream the overdone ‘90s trend. On the other hand flared pants, robust clogs and flowing floral sundresses whisper 1970’s oddities. Together these designs leave me nostalgic for the classic Coach.

With the route 66 themed backdrop, it’s clear that they are trying to appeal to trendy American youngsters. According to Vevers, “The young people in the office didn’t have the same hang-ups or references I did at 40 [years old] about flares, and that appealed to me: that Coach could speak to a generation that doesn’t have all these automatic references.”

The shoes may look orthopedic and maybe I’m worried about Cookie monsters safety, but I can see aspects of promise. All I know is when I see these on the street, I’m going to pull an Alicia Silverstone and yell “As if!”

Check out the full gallery here.

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Let me know what you think of Coaches new look! Love it or hate it? I want to know.