Ombre Upkeep


As you know, over the summer I switched up my usual dark hair for a touch of ombre action. Then, a few weeks ago I went to my hairstylist to have it touched up and blended in a bit better. before when I had done the ombre myself, I loved the original color result but over a couple weeks the areas that I lightened turned a copper orange shade. So when I went in to have it toned back and add some highlights I ended up switching my hair care routine up a little. Heres the change:OmbreHairCare1I still use my same Pantene Beautiful lengths shampoo. It’s the only shampoo I’ve found that hydrates my hair while cleansing. It’s also my secret to growing my hair quickly while keeping it healthy. But now, to keep the tone right on my ombre, I add one pump of the Bed Head Dumb Blonde purple toning shampoo. I just mix the two in the palm of my hand before massaging the mixture into my scalp. I let the product sit for around a minute before rinsing it out. I tried to use the Bed Head shampoo only, but I found that it dried my hair out so that is why I mix it with my usual shampoo.

Pantene – Beautiful Lengths Shampoo $4.99

Bed Head – Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo $17.99


I only was my hair every three to four days and because of this, the length of my hair gets pretty dry. Since lightening my hair that has only gotten worse. Instead of using a regular conditioner like I have in the past, I just use a small dollop of the L’oreal Damage Erasing Balm. I just apply it to the length then lightly run my fingers over my roots. I then toss my hair into a low bun and let the product sit while I finish showering. I rinse a few minutes later. It keeps my hair a lot softer and hydrated throughout the next few days.

L’oreal – Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm $6.99


Lastly, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in plus Keratin is what I use to keep up the silky feeling and appearance of my hair. I apply it before blow drying to protect agains the heat and frizz. Then over the next couple days, I smooth it over the length of my hair before curling it. If the weather here in San Francisco is misty and gross (like it sometimes is), I will also add a spray after brushing out my fresh waves. My biggest trick for this product is to spray it directly into the palm of my hand then apply it that way to make sure it’s equally dispersed.

It’s A 10 – Miracle Leave In Plus Keratin $20

If you follow this system, your hair will be silky and smooth all fall. If you are interested in the dry shampoos I use to keep my roots clean throughout the days after shampooing, click here.