Getting Inspired: Books

There are very few things I love more in this world than a fantastic book. The majority of my collection is kept in my bedroom back in my hometown and on my iPad Mini in my handbag. There are a few hard copies though that I keep here in my San Francisco apartment. These aren’t the types of books that will take you to some far away place, but they really can help you learn some new beauty and style tricks as well as inspire you to push your stylistic boundaries.

Here in San Francisco, we don’t have any of the huge book stores like Barnes and Nobel. Instead, we have these adorable hole in the wall stores that have been here forever. My personal favorite (and where most of these books came from) is Green Apple Books in the outer San Francisco area. This store is the warmest most welcoming place. Plus, their fashion and beauty selection is phenomenal. Check out there website here.


When I first started getting truly interested in makeup, I ran into this on the shelves at Green Apple Books. At the time all I knew about Bobbi Brown products was that they were absolutely stunning. While standing there flipping through this book I realized she had not only an amazing backstory (she originated the more natural looking makeup styles we wear today), but that she had some great tips as well!


Whether you are interested in what to eat to keep your skin healthy, what lipstick shade you should wear or even how to clean and care for your brushes, Bobbi covered it in this book. Whenever I’m wondering how to do something, instead of logging onto YouTube to watch a tutorial, I will generally just flip through this beauty bible.

Bobbi Brown – Makeup Manual: For Everyone from beginner to pro $32 (hardcover) $22 (paperback) $9 (kindle)


I know I outed myself recently as being a Lauren Conrad super fan, but trust me that isn’t the only reason I love this book. Like the Bobbi brown book, she gives tips on how to create a gorgeous makeup routine, but she also includes hilarious what not to do pages. She expands though by telling you how to keep your hair and skin beautiful from the inside out and also teaches us some cute nail art techniques.


Unlike the Bobbi Brown book, Lauren gives us hair. She not only has a tutorial on how she achieves her famous relaxed waves, but also how she styles her hair for different occasions. My favorite is of course her party hair, which is a simple loose pony tail. I think I’m going to wear this style later in the week!

Lauren Conrad – Beauty $22 (hardcover) $11 (kindle)


If you don’t follow Scott Schuman’s blog The Satorialist, do it now. He travels all over the world taking photos of beautifully fashionable men and women from all walks of life. Some are people in the fashion industry and some may be from a small village in a distant third world country. It’s a great way to get inspiration for street style from all over the world.


Although I can log onto his website whenever needed, I still grabbed his book. I like knowing its sitting on my desk and I can quickly flip through it to get inspiration. The diversity of style is impeccable and the images themselves are so wonderful to look at. I can literally get lost in this book. There is more than one Satorialist book, but I have yet to hunt down the others. These books do tend to be fairly rare, so if you can get your hands on one, don’t think twice.

Scott Schuman – The Satorialist $30 (paperback)


I have had this book since High School when it first came out. Like her second book Beauty, this one gives fantastic tips and tricks for leading a stylish life. Whether she dishes on what style jeans to wear for different occasions, what items are worth splurging on or even what to wear on a plane, this girl will give it to you. Although she is known for having a “basic” style, anyone can really get tips on how to dress from this book. I know my style quickly changed for the better once I picked this up.


Lauren really knows how to rock the girl next door style, and she really shows how one splurge like a nice little black dress can be transformed using more inexpensive items into completely different looks. I know I’ve taken note of this page. I mean, who couldn’t wear all of these looks? My favorite is the bohemian outfit.

Lauren Conrad – Style $30 (hardcover) $12 (paperback)


I can honestly say this is the biggest book I own. I bought this because I am a fashion student and there is a lot of times where I have to find old editorial images. This gives me a good resource to make sure I’m getting the correct information on photographers and Vogue editors. This book is honestly swoon worthy. People always ask to borrow it, but i don’t allow it outside of my room.


What’s wonderful about this book is that it goes through every big Vogue Fashion Editor starting with Babs Simpson (Editor from 1947-1972) all the way to Camilla Nickerson (1992-2005 2010-present). My favorite chapter is of course Grace Coddington (my favorite editorial image styled by here above). But even if your interested in photography, this book holds all the greats: Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, Annie Lebovitz, David Sims and so many in between.

Vogue – The Editors Eye $75

If you have any books not listed above that you think I would be interested in, please let me know in the comments! If you have read any of these and love them (or not so much) let me know too. I really enjoy hearing from all of you. It makes my day a little brighter.