A Few Of My Favorite Things: July

I seriously can’t believe July is over. I have a few products for you guys that I bought towards the beginning of the month that I have been using and loving the past couple weeks. I tried to create a good mix of products in this months favorites. If you guys have been loving any of the products I mention, let me know. Also, if there is anything you think I would love, let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you all.

JulyFav1So I have been loving lipsticks again during July. I don’t like the feel of heavy products on my lips, so I always try to reach for light and glossy formulas. In the past month, I have added two fairly natural shades to my collection. One is the YSL lipstick in Caress Pink and  one of the limited edition Loreal lipsticks. Loreal teamed up with a group of celebrity women to create shades for their coloring. These women include Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and Frieda Pinto. The formula on both lipsticks is incredibly light and creamy. The YSL, of course has a much stronger staying power and feels so smooth on your lips. But for a drugstore lipstick, Loreals formula is seriously hard to beat.

JulyFav3Both shades look pretty natural when I actually apply them to my lips. The YSL lipstick (top) hasn’t left my handbag since I purchased it just because I feel like its the most beautiful neutral for my skin tone. Because it is a little darker and has mauve tones, it fits so well into the whole Kylie Jenner 90’s inspired makeup trend. They do market it as a ‘muted raspberry pink,’ put I would say its much more pink when your natural lip color shines through underneath. I’m totally in love with it. For the Loreal lipstick (bottom), they were out of the Jennifer Lopez shade when I went into the store (my match) and I checked out the two above and below which looked awful with my coloring (Eva and Frieda). Instead, I dropped down to the second fairest; Julianne’s color. It’s just a fresh berry pink that gives your makeup a chic summer pick me up.

Yves Saint Laurent – Rouge Volupte in ‘9 Caress Pink’ $35

Loreal – Collection Privee The Perfect Nudes in ‘Julianne’ $8.99

Summerhaircare3In the second week of July I colored my hair using this product. It was super easy to use and if you take your time (and don’t use the applicator) it will give you lovely and natural looking effects. I had never used any type of color or bleach on my hair before this, so it was a little nerve racking but I do believe I’m going to continue using it. I personally used it by saturating the tips of my hair and then taking the color up in a highlighting type pattern. I did have someone help me to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Overall, people seem to be shocked when I tell them I ombred my own hair because it does look like I got it done in a salon. If you want to switch your color up, or you have just super dark hair like me, check this out. Its inexpensive, easy to use and gives a really pretty result.

Loreal – Superior Preference Ombre Touch ‘Dark Brown Hair’ $12.99

Julyfav4I have seriously never talked about a product like this with you before, so I guess theres a first time for everything. Heres the thing, I love having white teeth, but I hate white strips. I don’t like that I have to wait around with them on and honestly I don’t think they are very good for us. When I went to grab a new tube of my Crest 3D Glamorous White toothpaste, this was sitting next to it. It claims to polish and boost the whiteness of your teeth. I figured I’d give it a shot and see how I feel about it. I have been using it every morning along with my regular toothpaste and I can really see the results. But not only are my teeth whiter, they feel cleaner and my breath stays minty for a much longer time than usual. If I’m not in a hurry, I will brush normally then go back in with this. But on the days when I want to just get out the door I will pile the two onto my toothbrush. This product does not have any cleaning properties, it only whitens and freshens, so please do not replace your paste with this. But if you want a little bit more of a glowing smile, check it out.

Crest – 3D White Brilliance Boost $7

Julyfav5When I purchased the hair color, Ulta was running a buy one get one 50% off deal on Loreal products. Since I was nervous about attacking the tips of my hair with bleach, I figured I needed something to hydrate my hair more than normal. I figured it would be like every other deep conditioner I have used in the past, but it seriously isn’t. It claims to repair a year of damage in one use, big words for such a small bottle. After coloring my hair I did have a few split ends so I went in with this and no joke, all the split ends were gone! Since I only wash my hair every four days, by the last day my hair feels really brittle (expessially with the ombre effect). I traded my normal conditioner for a bit of this and my hair has been on point! I’m definitely going to repurchase this one.

Loreal – Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm $6.99

JulyFav6Last but certainly not least is this little fella. I may or may not have a mild obsession with highlighters. Out of the ones I have, this is by far my favorite. I used to own the High Beam illuminator, but I didn’t really care for the white pearly shade on my skin. I felt that it looked a little too artificial. I went into Ulta one day to pick up a few things and I saw this one. Sun Beam is the exact same formula, but it has a gold tone and is meant for giving a glowing tan look. Perfect! All I do is dab the liquid formula over my cheek bones, under my brows, on the tip of my nose and on my cupids bow and it gives such a gorgeous light catching look. If I’m doing a fuller face of makeup, I do apply this on my forehead too. Honestly, this is the easiest highlighter to use and gives the most natural results.

Benefit – Sun Beam $26