Keeping It Classy


There are two types of women in the world, those who love Lauren Conrad and those who love Kristen Cavallari. Since the airing of Laguna Beach, good girls all over flocked to our new queen who simply went by the initials LC. Through two hit television shows, multiple clothing lines, a style book, a beauty book and a series of novels its safe to say at the mere age of 28 she’s made a serious name for herself. But even through all of that success, LC has a new nickname given to her from Allure Magazine.


In the newest issue of the style magazine, they did a spread comparing different type casts in the style world. The list includes Leandra Medine as “Street Stylist”, Vanessa Hudgens as “Bohemian Hippie” and Kristen Stewart as “Normcore.” The biggest shocker was they casted LC as “Basic.” Um, did she just get called a basic bitch by Allure? why yes, yes she did.

They make LC sound like milk toast! When it goes into the descriptions, they say her here famous hair looks like sausage curls (totally doesn’t sound attractive.) Unlike Leandra Medine who apparently smells like money, Lauren supposedly reeks of vanilla cupcake body milk. The only thing they could say to make it worse would have been to call her a UGG wearing Starbucks drinking white girl. But I mean, they basically did right?

The most shocking part of this article is the fact that Lauren has been a cover girl for the magazine not once, but three times! Her most recent cover was just this past April. So why are they labeling someone who has clearly given them success is such a offensive manner? By flat out calling her “unremarkable,” they sound really phony. You know, since they have paid the woman to be in their magazine.

I find it humorous that we now live in a world where having a simple, conservative and feminine style is a bad thing! LC, who is known for being a class act is bashed in magazines yet women like Rihanna and the Kardashians who leave absolutely nothing to the imagination are applauded. Why is it that as women in 2014 we are applauded when we degrade ourselves and torn down when build ourselves up?

Exhibit A: When Lauren Conrad was asked in a radio interview what her “favorite position” was, instead of dragging herself to their level she simply answered “CEO.” LC is the type of role model we should be encouraging, but instead we have young girls who in middle school are already sexualizing themselves. Doesn’t that seem wrong to you? All I have to say is with the given circumstances in not only in fashion but in our culture as a whole, I’ll take being called basic any day.

Ladies, if you only ever get one piece of information from my blog let it be this: Trash comes and goes, but classy lasts forever.