The Building Blocks

When it comes to makeup, no look is complete without the perfect foundation. Just like everything else in life, you can’t build something great without a strong foundation. I of course have my favorite liquid building blocks that I use for different looks depending on the day. I thought I would share with you my favorites, heres what I have:


1. When my skin is great, but I still want a glam makeup look I reach for this. It’s a light to medium coverage, but it leaves a gorgeous glow on your skin. It’s absolutely my favorite for creating a dewy finish. I used this particular foundation in mondays post about my summer glow routine (here). For my dry skin I really love how hydrating this product is, but if you have oily skin like most Smashbox products, this may not work for you. But if your skin resembles the Sahara like mine, splurge a little.

Smashbox – Liquid Halo in ‘3‘ $42


2. If I am going to hang out with friends, I will normally use this one. It gives a natural looking full coverage effect. If you are wondering how to achieve the no makeup look, this is for you. I know that it’s marketed to be used with their special weird brush thing, but honestly you just want to use something that won’t absorb the product. I personally use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, but I also know people who get amazing results out of it using a damp Beauty Blender.

Bare Minerals – Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in ‘Bare Ivory’ $29


3. This is the first liquid foundation I ever bought. Rarely do I find products that mach my skin as well as this one always has. I used this one everyday all through high school and although I don’t use it that much anymore, I feel like my self is naked without it. If you have olive skin like me and your looking for a drug store full coverage foundation, go grab this one. Plus, it blends out beautifully which makes it perfect for beginners!

Covergirl – True Blend Foundation in ’15’ $9.99


4. This is a new Covergirl Line that just recently came out. I bought this foundation on promotion from Walgreens one day and I have been using it so much! Its perfect for work or if I have a long day ahead of me. I’m not even kidding, this stuff is like superglue on your face. When I know I’m going to be gone for the majority of the day, I use this. When I know I’m going to be at work handling expensive clothing, I never have to worry that this will rub off on any of the fabric. For the price, as long as they keep making it I will keep buying it.

Covergirl – Ready Set Gorgeous Fresh Complection Foundation in ‘115’ $8.99


5. When I am taking photos for you guys, or modeling for my photographer friends this is my go to. It looks unbelievably natural plus it covers everything! I always hear people raving about this one and trust me, the hype is there for a reason. There are so many shades that I think it would be almost impossible to not find yours! Even makeup artists that I know use this foundation on their clients. It holds up throughout the day and for the drugstore price, I think everyone needs a bottle.

Maybeline – Fit Me Foundation in ‘110’ $7.99