Small Shopping Spree

I’m down in Southern California visiting my family for a couple days and today my mom, grandma and I decided we would shop. Not a good decision if you know the three of us. I may have gone a little bit overboard, but hey, I love everything I picked up today and they are going to be constants in my life. The four things I’m showing you are perfect for summer and beyond, which makes them investments in my closet

SouthShop3First and for most, if you know me you will know I have a full blown Michael Kors collection. I never buy anything covered in logos (I’m going to remove this MK). I love his products because they are reasonably priced for the high quality they posses. I don’t feel guilty purchasing something from him that I will use for school because of the structural integrity of his handbags. Now if you really know me, you know I love camouflage! I had been considering getting one of these Jet Set bags for a while but I didn’t like any of the plain colors. I walked in with my mom who was already going to get a new bag and I saw this one and the rest is history. It fits my 15″ Mac Book perfectly and I mean, Its so chic! I’m obsessed. Plus, they just came out sunday, so they are still rare on the street.

Michael Kors – Medium Jet Set Tote $298


I had been wanting a pair of slightly heeled sandals and when I saw these Coach ones, I loved them. Because  they have both black and brown, you can wear them with anything. The heel is only around two and a half inches which is perfect for an all day shoe. Plus they look fantastic with jeans or with a summery dress. When you slip your foot in, they feel so cushioned and comfortable. I think they will be perfect for work, school, fun and everything in-between.

Coach – Pacific Sandal $178


If you know me in real life, a sigh of relief is escaping you at this moment. I have been head over heels in love with the YSL lipsticks since I picked one up for my mom a couple months back. I could just never pick a shade! I love nudes (as you all know) but all of them were either too pink or too beige. Not this one! I saw it, swatched it and didn’t think twice. I’m so happy to have this beautiful little guy in my life. If you looking for a light and creamy sandy pink, look no farther!

Yves Saint Laurent – 9 Caress Pink $35


I can never gather too many roller balls. Although the full sizes are adorable and fancy, there is something to be said about having a little one you can just stick in your bag and roll on in a hurry. My mom and I are both really enjoying this scent for summer. It smells a lot like his famous Daisy perfume, but only much sweeter and lighter. If your looking for a scent to last you the rest of the summer, I highly recommend Honey.

Marc Jacobs – Honey $22