Just In Time For Summer


In the past week, I exited the land of the cold damp weather for my home in the warmth of the sun. I’m talking going from 50 degree rainy days to 100 degree plus sweltering heat, can you say system shock? Anyways, I came to the conclusion the past few days that we are in fact in summer! Who knew? So of course this new tidbit of knowledge urged me to go shopping. Yesterday while looking at my bags, I sensed a theme: summer! So I of course I wanted to share with you my favorite products that I will take back to the city with me to remind me that we are in July. From smelling like summer to just being perfect for it, here’s what I got:

Bath & Body Works:

As soon as I strolled into the store BAM! there was the new Hawaii themed scents! I was immediately intrigued. The first one I picked up was Oahu, I knew it was going to be a much more glam scent, since Oahu is the most metropolitan island. I wasn’t wrong! It’s one of the best coconut scents I’ve bought in a long time! It’s the perfect mixture of coconut, bergamot, tiger lily, Hawaiian monoi and amber. It is officially my scent for summer and I am 100% going to go and stock up!

Oahu Coconut Sunset Shower Gel  $12.50

Oahu Coconut Sunset Fine Fragrance Mist $14

Maui is a much more relaxed scent. Since the products were buy two get one free, I didn’t want to just grab another Oahu because I know myself and I know I won’t want to wear both Oahu products everyday. So instead I grabbed the more toned down tropical scent for my more laid back days. Maui is a scent built with hibiscus, star fruit, mandarin, melon and mango wood. It’s light, refreshing and simply wonderful!

Maui Hibiscus Beach $12.50

We all love Bath & Body candles. They are fantastic! They always smell exactly like what they say they will and Sun Tan is no exception. This totally smells like Coppertone sunblock, And I love it! It’s exactly what I was looking for to bring summer back to San Francisco with me.

Sun Tan Candle (No longer Online + 50% off in store!) $11.25


TIGI makes some of the best hair products in the world. They are expensive, but anyone who uses them knows they are worth it. Bead Head Masterpiece is perfection in the form of a hair spray! It claims to be a “massive shine hair spray” that “lasts all day” and it really lives up to those claims without the crunch of most sprays. Plus it smells amazing! It might be a splurge, but your hair will never look or smell better!

TIGI Bead Head – Masterpiece Shine Hairspray $21.99

I have used the original All Nighter Urban Decay setting spray for a while and although it worked to keep my makeup on, it always dried my skin out even more than usual. So I splurged and purchased the Chill spray instead. I posted about it on my Instagram (@jennlieskovan) the other day, and I’ve used it everyday since and I’m hooked. It feels so cooling on your skin all throughout the day and really keeps your makeup on while making it look much more natural. I wore it all day on the Fourth of July while laying around the pool and when I came inside after dark, my skin looked like I had just applied my makeup. My skin didn’t dry out, it even felt more moisturized with it on! This product will for sure become a regular in my routine!

Urban Decay – Chill Makeup Setting Spray $30