Naturally Beautiful


If I told you there is a product on the market that you can use as a moisturizer, lip balm, shaving gel, hair mask, an acne fighter, and is completely edible and organic I think I would have your attention, right? Well what if I told you that same product is less than $10 and you can buy it in your local grocery store? Sold, right? Well, its time for you to meet coconut oil.


I picket this up in my grocery store a few months ago to use as a hair mask, but since then I have found so many uses for  it. I can honestly say I use this constantly in my routine. It is a solid at room temperature which means it isn’t messy and if you want to use it just place your finger on it and it will melt into a rich oil in seconds. Here is how I use it:

1. Hair Mask: I scoop out around a tablespoon twice a week and rub it into my hands until it is completely melted. I then work it into the length of my dry hair avoiding my scalp. I then let it sit for as long as I feel needed, generally I will leave it in for around 30 minutes then I just hop into the shower and shampoo and condition like always! When I dry my hair I get the silkiest, most amazing results.

2. Moisturizer: Since I have really dry skin, once a week or so I will apply it all over my skin and let it sit just like I do with my hair. I will then climb into the shower once it feels dry and rinse it off. It also leaves a wonderfully hydrated and dewy look to my skin.

3. Shaving Cream: Buying expensive shave gels can be annoying, but we all know how much softer our legs feel when we use them. If you apply a little bit of coconut oil to your legs right before shaving, you get the exact same result.

4. Lip Balm: I only do this at night, but if you lightly run your finger over the oil in its solid form you will gather the perfect amount of oil to use as a lip balm. It is of course oily so don’t do it in the mornings. But if you do it at night you will wake up with super soft lips.

5. Acne Treatment: Coconut oil contains both Capric and Lauric Acid which both fight microbial infections (Acne) without that infection, your acne cannot survive. Plus, the oil is also an anti-inflamitory which means if you use it as a spot treatment, the swelling of your spots will go down while the acids fight the bacteria at the source.

6. Healing Scars: Around the same time I found the amazing ways you can use coconut oil, I also burned my arm pretty badly. My oven door shut on my arm at a really high heat (you can see it in my beach hair tutorial video) and as soon as it healed into a scar, I started applying the oil to it every night. Only a couple months later, all you can see is a slight ring around the scar that normally would have taken much longer to heal!

Needless to say, I love this stuff. Although you can buy it in beauty stores, don’t waste your money. it’s exactly the same product except beauty companies fill it will a ‘coconut scent’. Mine has absolutely zero scent or flavor. I literally bought mine in the oil section of the grocery store, next to the olive and vegetable oils. And the awesome part is, you can also use it for cooking. it has all the same benefits when you eat it as when you put it onto your skin. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a product that is multi use, 100% natural and under $10.