What’s In My Bag

SelmaBagSo, I carry the Michael Kors Selma Bag as just my everyday handbag. I have had it for a few months now and it is perfect for my lifestyle. It can literally do it all. Whether I’m on my way to school and it’s packed with notebooks or if I’m just going to meet up with my friends. I seriously love this bag. Plus, it is a super sturdy bag. I have been carrying it for six months now and it hasn’t lost any of its structure. And even when it’s packed with goodies and school supplies, it always looks super chic.

Michael Kors – Large Selma – Black (not available online) $358

BagImportantThe most important things I carry are these guys. I can’t leave home without some sort of beverage and my go to is always a Pellegrino (second best is a raspberry or peach Snapple tea). I swear, anytime I forget my sunglasses I have a bad day so I always try to keep them either in my bag or on my face. Of course, we are all nothing without our iPhones (mine’s the 5s) so that isn’t even worth explaining. I carry my iPad Mini most days, when I’m commuting to downtown San Francisco I can just use it to read and be happy. It wouldn’t be possible  to go in and out of the city without my little Clipper Card that I use to get on and off of Bart. I always keep my lucky pen on me because it’s the only one I really like to write with. Last but not least is of course my wallet. I have the matching one for my handbag and like the Selma, it is really well made and I feel like I’m going to have it forever. Plus it is large enough that my iPhone can fit inside of it just incase I don’t feel like carrying my entire bag somewhere.

Ray-Ban – Meteor Sunglasses – $150

Michael Kors – Jet Set Travel Continental Wallet – Black (not available online) $138

BagMakeupRandomInside my handbag, I always have at least one pouch filled with things. During the school year I of course have more bags for pens and what not, but since it’s summer I have really tired to tone down what I carry with me. In just the bottom of my bag, I always have a pack of gum, since I personally believe mint should solely be reserved for toothpaste, I carry a fruity gum. Because I am always hoping on and off the subway, I carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere I go. When that takes a tole and dries out my hands, I always reach for the Soap and Glory Hand Food. Now, for what’s in my makeup bag: I always have a roller ball perfume. I really like the Coach Poppy perfume right now because it adds a really pretty fresh scent throughout the day without challenging my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle that I put on every morning. I always carry my Smashbox Copper Chic gloss with me (I wrote about it recently here). Then in case I want a pop of color, I carry my Clinique Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony which is a magenta colored balm. Plus, I have my two favorite hydrating lip products: 1. Rosebud Perfume Co’s Rosebud Salve which leaves a pretty light pink tint to your lips and 2. Vaseline Lip Therapy which hydrates like no other.

Bath and Body Works – Hand Sanitizer – $1.75 or 5 for $5

Soap and Glory – Hand Food – $6

Coach – Poppy Rollerball – $22

Smashbox – Cognac (lookalike) – $20

Clinique – Pudgy Peony – $17

Rosebud Perfume Co. – Rosebud Salve – $6

Vaseline – Lip Therapy – $1.75 (drugstores/target)

What is you favorite things that you can’t leave home without? Let me know in the comments!