Pretty Hurts

Okay, so this isn’t something you will see me writing about a lot, but I feel the need to tonight. I heard this song this morning on my way to work and it really got me thinking and kind of hit me hard. As some of you know, I’m a fashion student. The fashion industry is of course known for being superficial and it can definitely feel dark at times. It isn’t all silk chiffon and sparkles. This song really reminded me that mine and my peers environment is not how the world works. I have heard from multiple people that being above a size four means you lack commitment. That if you don’t come to class with your makeup and hair done, you lack drive. I’ve even seen students who come to school in workout clothing completely ignored. I still remember the first time I heard one of my classmates say “eating is a weakness.” When I walk into restrooms, I will hear women vomiting up whatever they just ate. When I sat down and watched the video, I cringed at the model eating cotton balls because I have witnessed that practice. I find it so sick and disheartening that we live in a society that would rather its girls live unhealthy lives than maybe be a larger size. Why do women all over the world practice such behaviors? Does a thigh gap or a visible collarbone really justify the emotional and physical torture we are for some reason obligated as girls to put ourselves through? No. At the end of the day we should be more interested in whats in our hearts and heads than whatever size is on our jeans. Nowadays you really don’t know what is happening in someones mind. Some people just view themselves in warped way. This song really struck me and I hope you all take the time to listen to it because we live in a world where pretty does hurt.