I would be such a liar if I said I wasn’t a fan of Shailene Woodley. I have adored the young actress since I watched the first episodes of The Secret Life of the American teacher in 2008. Then seeing her move forward into big roles like playing George Clooney’s daughter in the descendants and now with her being the star of the Divergent series. As she’s gained more fame my admiration for her has only grown. I mean this girl truly cracks me up! When asked about her diet she admits to foraging for her own food in Los Angeles, do you know how hard that must be? She talks about the different grasses and mushrooms she finds and eats! But even above all that, she says her main beauty trick is eating clay… you read that right! the girl EATS clay. I am in no way telling you to go out into your backyard or nearest public park to chow down on some dirt, all I am saying is she is a flower child true and true.

Shailene came into the news today though for speaking out against the comparison of girls. In an interview she did with New York magazine, she expresses her dislike for being compared to the lovely Jennifer Lawrence. Although she states that she has the utmost respect for Jennifer, she also stated that she doesn’t like being compared to her.

“Is it because we both have short hair and a vagina?” she brashly asks. “As women, we are constantly told that we need to compare ourselves to a girl in school, to our co-workers, to the images in a magazine… How is the world going to advance if we’re always comparing ourselves to others? I admire Jennifer Lawrence, but she’s everyone’s favorite person to compare me to.”

I completely agree with Shailene in saying that we all are compared to others in our society. I don’t believe it is just limited to women either. In the age of photoshopping and plastic surgery, we have lost what is real. Now that may sound phony coming from someone who runs a blog predominately filled with makeup, but I also go to fashion school. I see the hold these comparisons have on my generation as a whole, especially in the industry I want to work in. It’s a very slippery slope. I’m going to leave you guys with what I feel is her most compelling quote from the interview:

“I see us as separate individuals. And that’s important. As women, our insecurities are based on all these comparisons. And that creates distress.”