Origins of a Fresh Face


The Origins charcoal mask is something I have been hearing so much about lately. All of a sudden recently it doesn’t matter what beauty or drugstore you are in, but every brand is coming out with some sort of product involving charcoal claiming it helps fight acne and cleans your pores. Being someone who deals with dry skin I was incredibly cautious of this new beauty trend. But through the crowd of oily skinned people wanting to dry out their faces came a ray of light. All of a sudden I started hearing about this Origins mask. I was hearing talk about how it almost felt moisturizing and how as a mask it produced results like that of GlamGlow. Needless to say, I went out and bought it during finals week when I was stressed and my face was really broken out. I purchased the smaller size thinking that it was a little pricy and I was worried it would only make my skin worse. Let me tell you how wrong I was. I have been using this twice a week for two weeks as a mask and it feels so good on my skin. It makes it so soft, it makes the acne bumps on my face almost completely flat and removes all redness. You want to know what the best part is though? Those are the results as soon as I wash it off! You heard me right, as soon as you wash it off you can see the results! Because I’m still dealing with the effects of stress induced acne (Is that a thing?), my skin still isn’t perfect, so I have been also using this as a spot treatment. Nothing is more frustrating than putting makeup on over acne, I mean it doesn’t look or feel good. Because of the immediate results this little guy produces I can apply it to any red or puffy areas until it dries, rinse it off, moisturize and then apply my makeup hassle free!

Origins – Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask $17 for 1.7oz or $24 for 3.4 oz