Quick Fixes

Normally on Mondays I will post some sort of celebrity or culture post, but honestly I’m so busy today and I don’t have the time. I am officially in the last week of the semester and I don’t have much time for anything. To explain just how hectic my weekend was while doing projects, I woke up at nine am yesterday and started working. I then thought to myself ‘oh its probably lunch time, I better go make myself something.’ I walked into my kitchen only to see it was already five pm. So as you can see, I’m busy right about now. So instead of finding a story and writing about it, I thought I would share with you my three favorite products when I’m busy (hint: they are all dry shampoo.)


To start with my most important dry shampoo, we will start with Batiste! I had seen these all over the place and since I have dark brown hair and I get really irritated when my roots look white I decided to give it a try. They have it for multiple shades of hair and I figured it might just be a gimmick, let me tell you right now that it is not. This little bottle does wonders! I don’t wash my hair everyday, so sometimes it’s nice to deeply freshen up my roots. When you spray this it feels so cold on your scalp and it truly feels like it is cleaning your hair. It is absolutely wonderful. Plus it doesn’t just get mucky a few hours later and feel even heaver than before like some dry shampoos do. If you are looking for one dry shampoo to cover all your bases, I 100% recommend this one.

BatisteDry Shampoo in Dark & Deep Brown $8.99


When I feel like my hair is simply flat, I turn to Not Your Mothers. Since I curl my hair a lot, I can wake up and still have nice waves, they are just deflated. All I have to do is spray some of the Clean Freak Refreshing dry shampoo onto the length of my hair. I think refreshing is a good word for this product simply because it will refresh a hair style. I used to use this on my roots and it’s one of the products that I felt made my hair feel even worse a few hours later. But c’est la vie, it works perfectly for adding volume and shine back into my day old hair. If you curl your hair or just naturally have curly hair, I recommend this.

Not Your MothersClean Freak $5.99


Last but not least is this little guy. I received this in the mail, I know it was from a sample box (I don’t remember from where.) I found it to be perfect for throwing into my handbag so on break from class or what have you, I can give my hair a quick spritz to make it look better. It’s good to know that if I run out of my apartment like a mad woman for class that I have something to fix my hair up with in my bag. Like the Batiste, this is very cooling and just makes your hair feel clean and wonderful. It does have a white base though, so if you take it with you, also take a comb so you can disperse the color throughout your hair.

KMS  CaliforniaHair Play Makeover Spray $6.99 (2.54oz)