A Few Of My Favorite Things: April


1. Essie nail polish is always my go to, I honestly can’t remember the last polish I purchased that wasn’t Essie. I do my nails every weekend and generally I choose a different color each time, but throughout all of April, this is the only color I have worn. It is the perfect pastel lavender for spring, but it isn’t overly colorful. It has yet to clash with anything I have worn. Plus, since it’s Essie, it lasts all week chip free!

Essie Nice is Nice $8.50


2. I have heard so many people swear by this foundation but every time I went into the store to purchase one, I couldn’t figure out my color! Finally, I was styling a photo shoot a couple weeks back and the makeup artist was using these bad boys. I asked her if she could color match me and I shockingly ended up as one of the lightest shades. I always have a difficult time finding liquid foundations since I have yellow undertones but I’m not terribly tan. Thankfully, Maybeline makes a light foundation for us with olive skin!

MaybelineFit Me Liquid Foundation in 110 $7.99


3. April is the time of year where you are still stuck with pale skin, but all you want is that sun kissed glow. Benefit bronzers are so beautiful, they have so many amazing choices and the packaging is so adorable! I bought this particular one on a whim. I was tired of my Smashbox bronzer that was packed with sparkle and needed something matte.
This specific shade is so lovely, It makes any skin tone look naturally tan. Because it isn’t overly pigmented, you can use as much or as little as your specific skin tone allows! I have had days where I only use it to contour a little, and I also use it to match my face to my false tan and it always does the trick. It’s worth the money!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer $28


4. Alright, so I have been a loyal Benefit ‘They’re Real” mascara fan, until this came into my life. I received a box of deluxe samples about a week ago and this formula was one of them. I just threw it into my handbag thinking I could use it if I needed a touch up and when I did, I fell in love. I went and bought the full size that day. I was shocked when I discovered it’s $5 cheaper than the Benefit! The wand is unlike any other one I have seen, It has this spiral that really grabs hold of your lashes and coats them. The volume it gives you really makes you look like you are rocking falsies! All I have to say is bye bye Benefit.

Bare MineralsLash Domination $18


5. I love Soap & Glory. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t. Their products not only work wonderfully, but they smell insanely good. To give you an idea of what this little guy smells like, the packaging says “with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.” YUM! I keep this in my bag and take it everywhere I go. Because I live in San Francisco and I take the subway everywhere I go, I’m constantly using hand sanitizer which is super drying for your hands, so I feed them a little Hand Food and I am good to go. I can’t tell you how many times I have applied this in class and seen the heads turn and say “That smells amazing!” followed by “Where did you get that?” I’m going to simplify this, It’s perfect, go buy it.

Soap & Glory – Hand Food $6 (1.7oz)