Platinum Blond Do(n’t)


Let us take a moment of silence for my fallen Man Crush Monday…

Alright, here we go.  Saturday night this frightening picture popped up on Adam Levines twitter account with the caption “Apocalypse prep course complete.” The Maroon 5 frontman clearly wanted to switch up his famous dark locks for something maybe a little bit more fun? The heartthrobs long time hair stylist Shaul Arbiv did make a comment to E! about his new do: “With summer months coming up we wanted to do something totally drastic and different from his previous styles so we bleached it,” Arbiv said. “I have been working with Adam for a long time and he likes to change up his style often.”


It is true that Adam likes mixing up his classic brunette coif, whether he wears it in his normal way (above), shaves the sides or buzzes it completely he has always kept his signature color. Last years ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ winners style isn’t going over well; I have yet to see too many pro-platnuim comments. I feel that the new platinum shade doesn’t fit the rest of his style. It’s amazing how the shade of his famous hair can change his look from hot to trailer park not.