Brittany Leland: Spring Essentials


Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer’s cousin Brittany I run a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. I’m an aspiring designer and writer and enthusiast of all things fashion. Jennifer asked if I could put together a few Spring looks to share with you guys and I could not have been more excited to do it! So, pulling together some of my favorite pieces from my Spring wardrobe, I picked what was essential for every girl’s closet! Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Look One: I think as fashion is evolving we are beginning to see more and more feminine silhouettes and styles and we are beginning to edge away from the grunge, more masculine look! So I first picked this really beautiful floral sheath dress from Kaya di Koko and added a little bow belt to give it shape! However I felt that it needed something to tone it down a little bit and so I added this black motorcycle jacket from Silence + Noise. It makes the look a little more dynamic and plays with the concept of juxtaposition transitioning from entirely feminine to a little tougher! Lastly I put on these beautiful Vince Camuto heels and I was ready for a day out!

Look Two: My next look I really really love because of the more subdued neutral tones that are still feminine with a few little bits of sparkle! I picked up this army green jacket from Zara that is perfect to layer over anything and it added just the right amount of sparkle my outfit needed! I also had on a jumper from Madison and Berkley that has an extremely cool landscape print of African Wildlife! I love the zebra sleeves and the back of the jumper has elephants on it! I finished the look with black circle skirt from ASOS, and black flats from Zara and my outfit was complete!

Look Three: Ah the perfect t-shirt dress! I love love love this dress from Tildon! On days when it is too hot to even think about what your going to wear but you still want to look cute and dressed up this dress is perfect! The pattern accessorizes itself and it is so modern and interesting that you can get away with simple black and white flats like the ones I wore from Steve Madden! Throw your hair up in a bun and your ready to go! I love items in my wardrobe like this that I can rely on for days when I’m just feeling like a bit of a mess!

Look Four: Lastly, I love love love this look. I’ve never really been a huge fans of shorts. You know which ones I’m talking about, the really tight, super short jean ones that look like they’re falling apart. Luckily, I think those are finally making their way out as more finished and feminine shorts are making their way in. These bloomer inspired loose shorts from Zara are soo cute! Grey being my favorite color I was immediately attracted to them in the store, but trying them on I knew I had to have them because they are so comfortable! I added this tank from Zara that really actually needed to be ironed! (oops!) and this motorcycle style jacket with floral sleeves! The look is super feminine so I added an industrial style silver band from Zara and simple flats from Target and I was finished

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the Spring looks I put together and hopefully they can inspire your Spring Wardrobe! l loved getting the opportunity to share my style with you guys and if you would like to check out more of my style and what I write about you can visit my blog! Have a lovely day guys!!