The Model Next Door

Cara Delevingne (21) has become arguably the most famous modern supermodel since her runway debut in 2010. Whether you see her in glamourous ad campaigns for Burberry and YSL, or walking in the runway shows for equally fabulous brands; you can see her amazing eyebrows just about everywhere. But what makes Cara ‘the only truly modern supermodel’? Social media, of course. If you look at her Instagram you will be flooded with humorously self-deprocating images of the young model. Her Twitter his filled with mentions to the ‘assassins’ which just so happens to mean ‘paparazzi’ in Cara-Speak. Oh, you also can’t forget that she was dubbed ‘the Queen of Tumblr.’


Probably the most famous images of Miss Delevingne are those taken when the model is off duty. Usually when you hear that term, you think of a model walking down the street in skinny jeans and combat boots looking unapproachable. Well, not for Cara. Her off duty photos consist of cross eyes and/or fingers guns or simply up her nose. I think that is what makes the model so successful. Cara has used social media to become the girl next door. She is goofy just like the rest of us. Cara Delevingne doesn’t simply hide behind a pretty face.