My Skin Routine: Day and Night


Day: When I wake up in the morning, I generally am getting ready and running out the door within less than an hour. So, when I am first just getting up, the last thing I want to do is have to wash my face while I’m still half asleep. Because of my skin type, most face washes really dry me out. They will usually leave my skin feeling tight and flaky just minutes after applying my makeup. Then I found this Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Extra-Mild. It doesn’t foam, which means it doesn’t strip my skin of its natural oils and it is so mild that it actually feels pretty refreshing on my still sleeping skin. I will then follow that up with the Olay Complete all day moisturizer which I not only swear by, but so does my mother and grandmother. Not only is it a phenomenal moisturizer, but it also has SPF 15! I personally use the sensitive formula, just because I don’t like the scent of the original. I then continue with my makeup and I’m good to go!

Clinique: Liquid Facial Soap – Extra Mild

Olay: Complete All Day Moisturizer 


Night: Now, After a day spent with makeup on getting my skin chapped in the cool San Francisco wind, I need to scrub the day off my face. I don’t quite remember how I found this scrub (I actually think it may have been someone else’s). But needless to say, I actually like this scrub a lot. I’ve never had it strip all the good oil from my skin, it just leaves my face feeling really clean. I will usually scrub my face with this for around one minute, or until I feel like it isn’t exfoliating anymore. After I rinse it off and dry my skin by dabbing with a towel (Not wiping or rubbing because it pulls at your skin) I follow up with Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar for dry skin. I truly believe this is the best moisturizer on the market for dry skin! But I will say this, If you do not have truly dry skin, you will hate this product, but as for me, I couldn’t live without it. I like how it really coats my skin when I go to bed and then when I wake up my skin is already soft and moisturized and I can start my skin routine all over again!

Neutrogena: Deep Clean Daily Scrub

Philosophy: Hope in a Jar for Dry Skin