Coachella Cash

Vanessa Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens, the Queen of Coachella may not be the total free-spirit that she represents herself to be. We all look forward to the Coachella music festival every year, we either go, or we sit online letting the photos of boho celebrities flood our view. In recent years, our summer styles have been greatly inspired by these same looks. I mean without Coachella we may not have flower crowns, crop tops and Brandi Melville might not even be in business! But what makes celebrities flock to the middle of the desert during the summer heat? Possibly the money they rake in for attending? It was reported today that Vanessa, the Queen herself will make $15,000 from McDonalds just for attending the summertime festival. Lea Michele (star of Glee and singer) will make $20,000 from Lacoste for wearing their clothing. Other celebrities are still waiting for offers, so if your interested in making a deal with Kate Bosworth you better be ready to pay her a total of $30,000. My question for you, does this change your view of Coachella?