Aspiring Shoe Designer Pitzy Villagomez

I sat down with one of my fellow classmates Pitzy Villagomez recently to learn more about what motivated her to pursue a career as a fashion designer and what continues to inspire her work.


Jennifer Lieskovan: What made you realize you were interested in a career in fashion?

Pitzy Villagomez: I actually didn’t know until I realized I had a bunch of sketches of clothes and from that point on, I decided to give it a shot.

JL: And attending fashion school, why did you make that decision?

PV: Because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, and I actually liked it! When I was living in china, I decided to go to school for one semester and I enjoyed it, so you know from that point on.

JL: Why did you choose to focus on shoes?

PV: Well, I feel like now a days there are so many people who want to make clothes.

JL: Then why focus on shoes and not something else?

PV: Shoes are really like basic. You wear shoes to cover your feet, they keep you warm, so they are really important.

JL: Did growing up in Mexico influence your designs?

PV: Actually, no. It doesn’t influence my designs.

JL: Then what does influence you?

PV: It’s weird! Well, [Mexico] kind of did actually. I grew up outdoors most of the time, interacting with nature and stuff. I think that’s what basically influences me.

JL: How do you find inspiration now, being away from home?

PV: Nature is everywhere. Not just in Mexico.