Ombre Upkeep


As you know, over the summer I switched up my usual dark hair for a touch of ombre action. Then, a few weeks ago I went to my hairstylist to have it touched up and blended in a bit better. before when I had done the ombre myself, I loved the original color result but over a couple weeks the areas that I lightened turned a copper orange shade. So when I went in to have it toned back and add some highlights I ended up switching my hair care routine up a little. Heres the change:OmbreHairCare1I still use my same Pantene Beautiful lengths shampoo. It’s the only shampoo I’ve found that hydrates my hair while cleansing. It’s also my secret to growing my hair quickly while keeping it healthy. But now, to keep the tone right on my ombre, I add one pump of the Bed Head Dumb Blonde purple toning shampoo. I just mix the two in the palm of my hand before massaging the mixture into my scalp. I let the product sit for around a minute before rinsing it out. I tried to use the Bed Head shampoo only, but I found that it dried my hair out so that is why I mix it with my usual shampoo.

Pantene – Beautiful Lengths Shampoo $4.99

Bed Head – Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo $17.99


I only was my hair every three to four days and because of this, the length of my hair gets pretty dry. Since lightening my hair that has only gotten worse. Instead of using a regular conditioner like I have in the past, I just use a small dollop of the L’oreal Damage Erasing Balm. I just apply it to the length then lightly run my fingers over my roots. I then toss my hair into a low bun and let the product sit while I finish showering. I rinse a few minutes later. It keeps my hair a lot softer and hydrated throughout the next few days.

L’oreal – Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm $6.99


Lastly, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave in plus Keratin is what I use to keep up the silky feeling and appearance of my hair. I apply it before blow drying to protect agains the heat and frizz. Then over the next couple days, I smooth it over the length of my hair before curling it. If the weather here in San Francisco is misty and gross (like it sometimes is), I will also add a spray after brushing out my fresh waves. My biggest trick for this product is to spray it directly into the palm of my hand then apply it that way to make sure it’s equally dispersed.

It’s A 10 – Miracle Leave In Plus Keratin $20

If you follow this system, your hair will be silky and smooth all fall. If you are interested in the dry shampoos I use to keep my roots clean throughout the days after shampooing, click here.



Remembering Edith Flagg

wap-million-dollar-listing-la-season-6-ediths-shocking-confession_0Fashion mogul Edith Flagg passed away last week in Los Angeles at the astounding age of 94. Who is Edith Flagg you may ask? Well, she’s the woman who brought polyester to the United States. I must admit, I didn’t know of Mrs. Flagg until she graced my television as Grandma Edith on her grandson Josh Flagg’s Bravo TV show Million Dollar Listing (2006-present). But to watch her was to love her.

Flagg was a Romanian Born fashion designer. She was raised wealthily, but when Hitler came into power her family lost everything. Edith was a Holocaust survivor and lost her husband to Auschwitz. She fled to safety as a young mother and ended up in America with $5 on her pocket.

She worked for a while as a seamstress, but in the 1960’s on a trip to England, she discovered a fabric that would change the very face of fashion. She found polyester. After purchasing as much of the fabric as she could get her hands on, she created a garments that were washable and perfect for every woman. Within a year, polyester was all over the country.

Her grandson Josh Flagg who not only spoke of his grandmother as his best friend also gave us insight into not only her brash sense of humor and her worldly business advice. Grandma Edith had a take no prisoners attitude and clearly taught her grandson those same important traits. Edith was once famously known for purchasing a $100,000 Rolls-Royce cash after the salesman doubted her ability to do so.

My grandmother was a legend, not only in my eyes, but in the eyes of the countless people she helped and touched.”

With all of Grandma Edith’s opulence though, there laid a humble woman.

“She had the most fabulous clothes in her closet, but was always happiest walking down the street in Beverly Hills in a pair of sneakers, a polo and a baseball cap.” Josh then went on to say, “She had no one to impress because she didn’t care.”

Josh was quoted by the Hollywood Reporter saying:

“She was the most eccentric woman I ever knew. All she wanted was to help  people and be there for them… The very last thing she said to me in true Edith style was ‘Mamma Mia’ after I said ‘I know you don’t feel so great right now.’ “

Here is a brief interview with Josh speaking about the book he wrote about his grandmothers life. I know this will be my next read.

A Simple Girl: Stories My Grandmother Told Me by Josh Flag

We salute you Edith Flagg.


The September Theory


Was the Vogue September Issue leaked on twitter?

Nico Bellay (@IAMFASHION) took took to twitter and leaked this image of what seems to be the infamous september issue. In lieu of the distaste from loyal Vogue readers recently for supporting the celebrity culture over fashion (Kimye cover), it seems as  they might be trying to get back in our good graces. The cover in question features three of the most talked about supermodels of this past year: Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss.

The cover reads “Instagirls: Models of the moment in the clothes of the season.” If you ask me, that title sounds a little more like something say Lucky Magazine would put out. It doesn’t have that classic Vogue allure, but we can look past that. The question here really is, is this the real cover? New York Magazine reached out to Vogue for a comment, but has yet to get anything in return.

Could this be the resurgence the fashion industry has been waiting for? We have long swooned for the days when the models graced the covers instead of celebrities. Back when fashion was about glamour and making a statement, not what Kate Winslet likes to wear.

I swore off American Vogue until a change was made. I’m really over how the fashion industry is helping to make stupid people famous (I think you all know who I’m talking about). There are alternative Vogues for those of us who support the old school idea of fashion, even with our more relaxed modern trends (Australian Vogue is my personal favorite).

Like I said before, is Anna Wintour and her team trying to get back in our good graces? Or is someone out there just trying to stir up hype for next months fashion bible? If the latter is whats happening, let me say this now. I will not purchase the September issue if another celebrity is on the cover. My money will not go to a magazine that acts like a trendy People. But, If Anna chose to make a stand and put models back on her cover, well then I might just change my mind and reinstate my subscription.

Who do you want to see on the cover? Sound off in the comments!

Second Monday: August


Once again, it is the second monday of the month. If you guys don’t know what that means yet, you will soon. Every second monday instead of my post being here on Hometown Heroine, it will be on Live The Life You Dream About. Since I happen to be a beauty contributor for Sarah Sarna, check out her blog. It’s chalk filled with fantastic posts.

If your interested in looking at todays post, heres the down low: I got inspired by my new makeup bag and decided to create a simple makeup routine for all of us busy students and working ladies. Please head over there and check out the most versatile and simply gorgeous products in my collection.

Also as a side note, I’m active everyday on my Instagram account (@jennlieskovan). Whenever I get new likers or followers, I always check them out! If your interested in seeing more outfits and what goes on in my daily life, head over there!

Have a great monday pretties!



Naturally Chic


Want to know what made me loose my mind this morning? When I went to check my Yahoo account, there was an interview with Jennifer Aniston. I started reading and I thought it was odd how much the interviewer was swooning over Aniston, then boom! I realized who the interviewer was. Makeup mogul Bobbi Brown was interviewing Jennifer Aniston! I mean whats better than that?


I had absolutely no idea that Bobbi Brown had become the editor of Yahoo Beauty. Am I the only one who missed that golden nugget of information? Anyways, after they both gushed about how they are huge fans of each other (Jennifer is Bobbi’s style icon and Jennifer wants Bobbi to do her makeup) they got down to the nitty gritty.

To start, Brown asked Aniston how she always looks so put together in just jeans and a tee shirt. Her secret? The woman tailors her tees! BOOM! Mind blown. For tee shirts and tank tops, Aniston cites Theory and James Perse as having the best. For jeans she grabs Genetic, Helmet Lang and Hudson (which she removes the pockets from). When Bobbi jokes that her stylist Christopher McMillan must live with her, she laughs it off and says she’s just learned good tricks from him.

They then start talking about Jennifer Aniston’s line of hair care products: Living Proof. How genius is it that the woman who brought us ‘the Rachel’ is now making hair products?

BB: Tell me about the Living Proof products. They are absolutely amazing; my hair got really dry from going in the ocean and honestly, they saved me. They’re excellent!

JA: Have you discovered the restore mask yet? That’s a game changer. I do it every Sunday because I do highlight my hair. The one thing with hair, as we get older, is it doesn’t necessarily react as beautifully as it used to when we were in our 20s, which I never knew. Did you know that, that hair ages?

BB: I am learning that now unfortunately. It grows thinner.

JA: [Laughs.] It loses weight.

BB: Your body doesn’t get thinner, but your hair does. That’s how I know God is not a woman.

The two continue to joke around like old pals. They discuss that a healthy diet and exercise are important aspects in keeping gorgeous skin. Aniston says her diet is all about balance; so she only eats things like bread on the weekends. Whatever she is doing is clearly paying off.

JA: There is also this pressure in Hollywood to be ageless. I think what I have been witness to, is seeing women trying to stay ageless with what they are doing to themselves. I am grateful to learn from their mistakes, because I am not injecting s**t into my face.

BB: Yay!

JA: No honestly, I see them and my heart breaks. I think, “Oh god if you only know how much older you look.” They are trying to stop the clock and all you can see is an insecure person who won’t let themselves just age. I also have a fiancé; who will put a gun to my head if I touch my face in any way.

BB: My husband is the same way. When I feel that I am not looking as young and fresh as I like—usually after a night of tequila and bread—I will put extra moisturizer and face oil on my skin so that whatever lines are in my face look better. It is just about being hydrated; that has been my secret.

JA: Well, that’s true, it’s hydration, and there are also so many things that women can do today with technology in terms of LED light therapy, good lasers that tighten the muscles, and massages for your face—and don’t forget great creams. I think that’s the route to go. I also understand that age is kind of awesome. I am fortunate enough to know women like Gloria Steinem, who I think is one of the most stunning women on the planet, and doesn’t touch her face. Diane Keaton, Annette Bening, all of these fabulous fearless women who are flawless, they embrace it! You know, to each their own; I don’t judge it if you do it, but sometimes I wish I could beg the people I know, who I am very near and dear to, to not touch their face.

BB: I think we should encourage women to just be happy with who they are and look in the mirror less.

If you want to check out the full interview, click the link here. But if not, just remember these simple commandments from  these two gorgeous women: Tailor your shirts, keep you hair happy, stay hydrated, and don’t put “s**t” in your face.



Getting Inspired: Books

There are very few things I love more in this world than a fantastic book. The majority of my collection is kept in my bedroom back in my hometown and on my iPad Mini in my handbag. There are a few hard copies though that I keep here in my San Francisco apartment. These aren’t the types of books that will take you to some far away place, but they really can help you learn some new beauty and style tricks as well as inspire you to push your stylistic boundaries.

Here in San Francisco, we don’t have any of the huge book stores like Barnes and Nobel. Instead, we have these adorable hole in the wall stores that have been here forever. My personal favorite (and where most of these books came from) is Green Apple Books in the outer San Francisco area. This store is the warmest most welcoming place. Plus, their fashion and beauty selection is phenomenal. Check out there website here.


When I first started getting truly interested in makeup, I ran into this on the shelves at Green Apple Books. At the time all I knew about Bobbi Brown products was that they were absolutely stunning. While standing there flipping through this book I realized she had not only an amazing backstory (she originated the more natural looking makeup styles we wear today), but that she had some great tips as well!


Whether you are interested in what to eat to keep your skin healthy, what lipstick shade you should wear or even how to clean and care for your brushes, Bobbi covered it in this book. Whenever I’m wondering how to do something, instead of logging onto YouTube to watch a tutorial, I will generally just flip through this beauty bible.

Bobbi Brown – Makeup Manual: For Everyone from beginner to pro $32 (hardcover) $22 (paperback) $9 (kindle)


I know I outed myself recently as being a Lauren Conrad super fan, but trust me that isn’t the only reason I love this book. Like the Bobbi brown book, she gives tips on how to create a gorgeous makeup routine, but she also includes hilarious what not to do pages. She expands though by telling you how to keep your hair and skin beautiful from the inside out and also teaches us some cute nail art techniques.


Unlike the Bobbi Brown book, Lauren gives us hair. She not only has a tutorial on how she achieves her famous relaxed waves, but also how she styles her hair for different occasions. My favorite is of course her party hair, which is a simple loose pony tail. I think I’m going to wear this style later in the week!

Lauren Conrad – Beauty $22 (hardcover) $11 (kindle)


If you don’t follow Scott Schuman’s blog The Satorialist, do it now. He travels all over the world taking photos of beautifully fashionable men and women from all walks of life. Some are people in the fashion industry and some may be from a small village in a distant third world country. It’s a great way to get inspiration for street style from all over the world.


Although I can log onto his website whenever needed, I still grabbed his book. I like knowing its sitting on my desk and I can quickly flip through it to get inspiration. The diversity of style is impeccable and the images themselves are so wonderful to look at. I can literally get lost in this book. There is more than one Satorialist book, but I have yet to hunt down the others. These books do tend to be fairly rare, so if you can get your hands on one, don’t think twice.

Scott Schuman – The Satorialist $30 (paperback)


I have had this book since High School when it first came out. Like her second book Beauty, this one gives fantastic tips and tricks for leading a stylish life. Whether she dishes on what style jeans to wear for different occasions, what items are worth splurging on or even what to wear on a plane, this girl will give it to you. Although she is known for having a “basic” style, anyone can really get tips on how to dress from this book. I know my style quickly changed for the better once I picked this up.


Lauren really knows how to rock the girl next door style, and she really shows how one splurge like a nice little black dress can be transformed using more inexpensive items into completely different looks. I know I’ve taken note of this page. I mean, who couldn’t wear all of these looks? My favorite is the bohemian outfit.

Lauren Conrad – Style $30 (hardcover) $12 (paperback)


I can honestly say this is the biggest book I own. I bought this because I am a fashion student and there is a lot of times where I have to find old editorial images. This gives me a good resource to make sure I’m getting the correct information on photographers and Vogue editors. This book is honestly swoon worthy. People always ask to borrow it, but i don’t allow it outside of my room.


What’s wonderful about this book is that it goes through every big Vogue Fashion Editor starting with Babs Simpson (Editor from 1947-1972) all the way to Camilla Nickerson (1992-2005 2010-present). My favorite chapter is of course Grace Coddington (my favorite editorial image styled by here above). But even if your interested in photography, this book holds all the greats: Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, Annie Lebovitz, David Sims and so many in between.

Vogue – The Editors Eye $75

If you have any books not listed above that you think I would be interested in, please let me know in the comments! If you have read any of these and love them (or not so much) let me know too. I really enjoy hearing from all of you. It makes my day a little brighter.



Trend Analysis: Double Denim


I have been running around like a crazy person this past week. With work and finals, my mind has not been into blogging. I hate to say it, but its true. Instead of creating a new post for you today, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone. This is actually a final for my Fashion Editing class. I had to pick a trend and tell the history of it. I of course picked the look I’ve been obsessed with lately, double denim. Check out the slideshow! By clicking the speaker in the upper left corner, you will hear my commentary. I hope you enjoy it and I promise I will get back to blogging as usual wednesday!