Keeping It Classy


There are two types of women in the world, those who love Lauren Conrad and those who love Kristen Cavallari. Since the airing of Laguna Beach, good girls all over flocked to our new queen who simply went by the initials LC. Through two hit television shows, multiple clothing lines, a style book, a beauty book and a series of novels its safe to say at the mere age of 28 she’s made a serious name for herself. But even through all of that success, LC has a new nickname given to her from Allure Magazine.


In the newest issue of the style magazine, they did a spread comparing different type casts in the style world. The list includes Leandra Medine as “Street Stylist”, Vanessa Hudgens as “Bohemian Hippie” and Kristen Stewart as “Normcore.” The biggest shocker was they casted LC as “Basic.” Um, did she just get called a basic bitch by Allure? why yes, yes she did.

They make LC sound like milk toast! When it goes into the descriptions, they say her here famous hair looks like sausage curls (totally doesn’t sound attractive.) Unlike Leandra Medine who apparently smells like money, Lauren supposedly reeks of vanilla cupcake body milk. The only thing they could say to make it worse would have been to call her a UGG wearing Starbucks drinking white girl. But I mean, they basically did right?

The most shocking part of this article is the fact that Lauren has been a cover girl for the magazine not once, but three times! Her most recent cover was just this past April. So why are they labeling someone who has clearly given them success is such a offensive manner? By flat out calling her “unremarkable,” they sound really phony. You know, since they have paid the woman to be in their magazine.

I find it humorous that we now live in a world where having a simple, conservative and feminine style is a bad thing! LC, who is known for being a class act is bashed in magazines yet women like Rihanna and the Kardashians who leave absolutely nothing to the imagination are applauded. Why is it that as women in 2014 we are applauded when we degrade ourselves and torn down when build ourselves up?

Exhibit A: When Lauren Conrad was asked in a radio interview what her “favorite position” was, instead of dragging herself to their level she simply answered “CEO.” LC is the type of role model we should be encouraging, but instead we have young girls who in middle school are already sexualizing themselves. Doesn’t that seem wrong to you? All I have to say is with the given circumstances in not only in fashion but in our culture as a whole, I’ll take being called basic any day.

Ladies, if you only ever get one piece of information from my blog let it be this: Trash comes and goes, but classy lasts forever.

The Building Blocks

When it comes to makeup, no look is complete without the perfect foundation. Just like everything else in life, you can’t build something great without a strong foundation. I of course have my favorite liquid building blocks that I use for different looks depending on the day. I thought I would share with you my favorites, heres what I have:


1. When my skin is great, but I still want a glam makeup look I reach for this. It’s a light to medium coverage, but it leaves a gorgeous glow on your skin. It’s absolutely my favorite for creating a dewy finish. I used this particular foundation in mondays post about my summer glow routine (here). For my dry skin I really love how hydrating this product is, but if you have oily skin like most Smashbox products, this may not work for you. But if your skin resembles the Sahara like mine, splurge a little.

Smashbox – Liquid Halo in ‘3‘ $42


2. If I am going to hang out with friends, I will normally use this one. It gives a natural looking full coverage effect. If you are wondering how to achieve the no makeup look, this is for you. I know that it’s marketed to be used with their special weird brush thing, but honestly you just want to use something that won’t absorb the product. I personally use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, but I also know people who get amazing results out of it using a damp Beauty Blender.

Bare Minerals – Bare Skin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in ‘Bare Ivory’ $29


3. This is the first liquid foundation I ever bought. Rarely do I find products that mach my skin as well as this one always has. I used this one everyday all through high school and although I don’t use it that much anymore, I feel like my self is naked without it. If you have olive skin like me and your looking for a drug store full coverage foundation, go grab this one. Plus, it blends out beautifully which makes it perfect for beginners!

Covergirl - True Blend Foundation in ’15’ $9.99


4. This is a new Covergirl Line that just recently came out. I bought this foundation on promotion from Walgreens one day and I have been using it so much! Its perfect for work or if I have a long day ahead of me. I’m not even kidding, this stuff is like superglue on your face. When I know I’m going to be gone for the majority of the day, I use this. When I know I’m going to be at work handling expensive clothing, I never have to worry that this will rub off on any of the fabric. For the price, as long as they keep making it I will keep buying it.

Covergirl – Ready Set Gorgeous Fresh Complection Foundation in ‘115’ $8.99


5. When I am taking photos for you guys, or modeling for my photographer friends this is my go to. It looks unbelievably natural plus it covers everything! I always hear people raving about this one and trust me, the hype is there for a reason. There are so many shades that I think it would be almost impossible to not find yours! Even makeup artists that I know use this foundation on their clients. It holds up throughout the day and for the drugstore price, I think everyone needs a bottle.

Maybeline – Fit Me Foundation in ‘110’ $7.99




Get Your Glow On


During the summer months, my makeup routine is all about achieving a sun kissed glow. By using gold and bronze shades and illuminating products, you can easily give yourself a relaxed and glam look. I know that during this season we all avoid wearing a lot of makeup, but what if I told you you could achive a perfect summer face using a handful of incredibly light and airy products? Meet my summer glow makeup routine:


1. I start by using two pumps of Smashbox Liquid Halo foundation. I dab those pumps onto my forehead, cheeks and chin. Then I grab my trusty Real Techniques expect face brush and move the spots of foundation in small circular motions all around my face until completely blended into my skin. This foundation is very watery and while covering up blemishes and redness, still leaves you with a natural and light finish. I wear the shade number three.

Smashbox – Liquid Halo HD Foundation $42

Real Techniques – Expect Face Brush $8.99

2. I go in to any spot the foundation didn’t cover and apply a little drop of my Maybeline Fit Me concealer. This is one of my holy grail products. It’s basically a watered down Nars concealer, which makes it perfect for those of us who don’t want to pay a lot and also don’t need intense coverage. I blend this product in with the same expert face brush in the same motion. I use shade 15 (light).

Maybeline – Fit Me Concealer $6.99

3. Because I naturally have dark circles under my eyes, they need to be covered. I despise all heavy makeup, especially under eye concealers. I can honestly say this is the weirdest product I own. It rolls on with a metal ball and is super watery. But let me tell you, This covers everything! I roll it under my eye then use my finger to tap it in and its absolutely stunning and you can’t even feel it under the eye. Plus, it diminishes the dark circles over time.

Garnier Skin Renew – Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller $12.99

4. I then set the under eye concealer with a powder one. I got this in a Bare Minerals kit and I love it so much. The tiniest little bit dramatically brightens your under eye while setting the concealer for your busy day ahead. Just be sure not to use too much. If you do it will settle into all your lines and look caky. Less is more with this one.

Bare Minerals – Well Rested Eye Brightener $18


5. Using my Real Techniques Kabuki brush, I apply my favorite bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks, temples and chin. I blend it across the top of my hair line, connect the cheeks to the temples and then apply it on my jaw before blending onto my neck. I use the Benefit Hoola bronzer because it gives a natural and matte finish. If it looks too structured, I will shake all excess off the brush before blending the lines across my face.

Benefit – Hoola Bronzer $28

Real Techniques – Kabuki Brush $9.99

6. Illuminator is really what makes this look scream summer. My go to is the Bare Minerals Luminizer duo. It is the most beautiful illuminator I have ever come in contact with. Sadly, the first day I owned it I happened to drop it. Although it doesn’t look too pretty in its little home anymore, it still does its job. I use a Real Techniques Setting Brush to lightly apply it over the center of my forehead, the apples of my checks to ears, down the bridge of my nose and on my chin. It gives a glow without looking manufactured.

Bare Minerals – Ready Luminizer Duo $24

Real Techniques – Setting Brush $7.99


7. You guys know that I’m not the biggest face primer, but I can’t do my makeup without an eye primer. I used the original Urban Decay Primer Potion, but when I needed a new one I opted for the nude matte version. It makes every shimmery eyeshadow pop and you don’t have to apply a base shadow since this is tinted. I apply the tiniest amount to my eyelid then blend wherever the rest of my shadow will go.

Urban Decay – Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden $20

8. Using my favorite bronze pallet called The Top Shelf by Bare Minerals, I apply the darker shade (Cognac) on the edge and blend it into the crease and over the lid. I then add the lighter shade (Mixologist) in the inner corner of my eye and blend it into the other to add dimension.

Bare Minerals – Ready Eyeshadow Duo 2.0 in ‘The Top Shelf’ $20

9. I thinly run a gold eyeliner along my upper lash line to add a touch more definition to this soft eye look.

Urban Decay – 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in ‘Scorch’ $20

10. For mascara, I go all in. I start by applying Lash Domination on my top lashes. This mascara gives the fullest eyelashes I have ever seen and without it, I feel naked. The only issue with this mascara is that it smudges, boo. So, I apply whatever other mascara I have on hand over it and then on my lower lashes to keep it on. I just so happen to have the Benefit They’re Real mascara with me right now. This one is beautiful on its own for a naturally gorgeous look.

Bare Minerals – Lash Domination $18

Benefit – They’re Real Mascara $23

11. I have full eyebrows, so I really don’t have to do anything to them. Since they are my favorite feature on my face though and they make me unique, I play them up. I lightly run a little bit of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz over them to simply to give them a little pop.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil  in ‘Chocolate’ $21


12. Sun Beam adds the final glow that really makes this look summery. It’s an odd formula, it kind of reminds me of a watery nail polish. For this look, I dab it on my cheek bones and then lightly tap it back to my hairline. I then put a drop on the tip of my nose, a little on my cupids bow and as a highlight right under my eyebrows. The only time this is noticeable is when it catches the light. For people with dry skin like me, a little shine is a godsend. Plus, its the perfect shade for summer.

Benefit – Sun Beam $26

13. To keep my makeup on all day without drying out or melting off, I spray my face with this cooling setting spray. It really works and keeps your face cool all day.

Urban Decay – Chill Makeup Setting Spray $30

14. Finally, I love a good neutral lip. This one is absolutely my new favorite. The shade is the perfect pink bronze. The formula is so light that it almost feels like a gloss. Yet, the color pay off is well worth the price tag! I mean, its all I’m wearing in the photo; no primers needed.


Ipsy: July Glam Bag


I’m going to start this Ipsy post with the fact that I do not really care for this months bag. Like you know, Ipsy is a beauty subscription where you pay $10 a month and receive adorable bags packed with awesome samples in the mail. I usually fall head over heels for these bags when I open my mail box, but this month, not so much. Although the pleather hot pink bag is super cute and I so far like two of the products, I’m not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling this month.

To start off, normally the bags all flow together where you can sense a theme, but I really don’t see much of one this time around. The bag is adorable (its already in my tote along with last months), but the card doesn’t match at all. So far I’ve tried two of the products, the Bare Minerals 5-in-1 eyeshadow will definitely be a purchase for me. The color is a dark mauve which is right up my alley plus with the applicator you can almost work it like a liquid liner. Then I tried out the Clear Clinic spot treatment last night on a little spot on my cheek and this morning it was gone! Hallelujah! I’m about to try out the dark tanning oil as soon as this is posted, so if I like it, Ill fill you in later. But I have zero interest in the Elizabeth Mott lip and cheek stain because one, its bright red and two, i’m not a fan of products like this. Finally, the nail polish screams cheap 1980’s drugstore nail polish. It’s a yellow nude with rainbow glitter. Not my taste, I doubt its anyones taste. Heres the list of what I received:

Elizabeth Mott – Tints and Sass in Cherry

Clear Clinic Laboratories – Vanished Clear Spot Treatment 

Bare Minerals – 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Hang Ten – Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08

Nailitini – Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Mango Rita

Small Shopping Spree

I’m down in Southern California visiting my family for a couple days and today my mom, grandma and I decided we would shop. Not a good decision if you know the three of us. I may have gone a little bit overboard, but hey, I love everything I picked up today and they are going to be constants in my life. The four things I’m showing you are perfect for summer and beyond, which makes them investments in my closet

SouthShop3First and for most, if you know me you will know I have a full blown Michael Kors collection. I never buy anything covered in logos (I’m going to remove this MK). I love his products because they are reasonably priced for the high quality they posses. I don’t feel guilty purchasing something from him that I will use for school because of the structural integrity of his handbags. Now if you really know me, you know I love camouflage! I had been considering getting one of these Jet Set bags for a while but I didn’t like any of the plain colors. I walked in with my mom who was already going to get a new bag and I saw this one and the rest is history. It fits my 15″ Mac Book perfectly and I mean, Its so chic! I’m obsessed. Plus, they just came out sunday, so they are still rare on the street.

Michael Kors – Medium Jet Set Tote $298


I had been wanting a pair of slightly heeled sandals and when I saw these Coach ones, I loved them. Because  they have both black and brown, you can wear them with anything. The heel is only around two and a half inches which is perfect for an all day shoe. Plus they look fantastic with jeans or with a summery dress. When you slip your foot in, they feel so cushioned and comfortable. I think they will be perfect for work, school, fun and everything in-between.

Coach – Pacific Sandal $178


If you know me in real life, a sigh of relief is escaping you at this moment. I have been head over heels in love with the YSL lipsticks since I picked one up for my mom a couple months back. I could just never pick a shade! I love nudes (as you all know) but all of them were either too pink or too beige. Not this one! I saw it, swatched it and didn’t think twice. I’m so happy to have this beautiful little guy in my life. If you looking for a light and creamy sandy pink, look no farther!

Yves Saint Laurent – 9 Caress Pink $35


I can never gather too many roller balls. Although the full sizes are adorable and fancy, there is something to be said about having a little one you can just stick in your bag and roll on in a hurry. My mom and I are both really enjoying this scent for summer. It smells a lot like his famous Daisy perfume, but only much sweeter and lighter. If your looking for a scent to last you the rest of the summer, I highly recommend Honey.

Marc Jacobs – Honey $22

The New Gig

CountryWedding1I have some exciting news to share with you all! A couple weeks ago I received an email from the lovely Sarah Sarna who is a blogger based out of New York. Needless to say, I am one of the newest beauty and style contributors on her blog Live The Life You Dream About! Exciting, right? So now, the second monday of every month I hope all of you will click over to her blog and see what I’m up to over there. My first post was uploaded this morning and these are the images that go with it. If you would like to know the reasoning for this complete look, including hair, a makeup tutorial and about my outfit, head over to Thank you guys for all the support and your help with getting Hometown Heroine out into the world, I really appreciate all of you.



Put Your Headphones On

At the moment I am sitting on the train with my laptop and wondering what to post for you guys today. I usually plan my posts out quite a bit in advance, but because of my hectic week I don’t really have anything. Since I have already been on the train for two hours with my headphones on begging myself to fall asleep, I thought I would share with you guys the songs I have been listening to over and over this fine summer morning!

If you guys aren’t already listening to HAIM, you need to starting now. I’ve been loving them the past couple months and this song in particular is my go to for rolling the windows down and enjoying the summer.

When I think of summer, I generally think of country music. Maybe that’s just me? I don’t know. This song just makes me want to leave the city and head home. And I mean, the video is so cute, whats not to like?

You know those songs that just evoke a feeling in you every time you hear them? This is one of those songs for me. Every single time this song plays I just want to roll down my windows (even if I don’t have any) and escape from whatever is happening around me.

Call it a cliche, I don’t really care. There are very few summer songs that can stand against this one. I know Train gets a lot of hate, but as a San Franciscan, I love them.

Are there any songs you guys are enjoying right now? If so leave it in the comments below! I’m always looking for new music. Have a good weekend.

Xx, Jennifer